Afraid , Broken but stay strong

She like cartoons

She want to play handball

She is starting her first endometrial tissue shed from her vagina

That is something weird and horrifying for her

She is scared and confused what is happening with her body

She is also turning into a victim of the person who had thirst of eating flesh of  new born girl

That how she is Broken from inside

She is quite from outside

The blasts are going in her head all day

How she is living by making herself to dead every other day

Every day seeing that monster is Horrifying her

She wants to cry, shout but her tears rolls down silently, her screams are only heard only by her

every single night when that monster horrify her she is helpless

She is trying to cry alone and be strong that is face mask works

She has understood she is a victim she done nothing wrong that monster is wrong so decided to be more stronger even everyday facing him.


Everybody is there but nobody is with me

My heart is getting empty day by day

My indigenous justice is not letting me to live my life

My soul is crying it had broken now 

My patience, my pain, My emotion

All of the sudden is turning into my sketches

The person inside me dying

Inside me everything is dark

And outside I am trying to make the life colorful

Friends in palette are also leaving me

I love them so don’t know what to do

Everything this girl is seeing is dark dark and dark.


Steady and long hours

It is the only alone place in a whole house

I Can find a corner

Anger and helplessness building together

Standing or sitting alone

The flashes of the last night has been seen again

Every other day-night  something is going wrong

Again and Again and again

Why I cannot scream, I can’t understand   

That is why I am under the shower

To hide my tears of anger and helplessness